Vented Gas Logs by Real Fyre and Grand Canyon Gas Logs

Why Gas Logs?
Gas Logs are a wonderful addition to any Wood Burning Gas Fireplace. They offer value to any fireplace in the area of design and heat functionality. Here's why we love Vented Gas Logs for your Fireplace:    
  • Most Realistic Look and Burn. Gas Logs gives an upgraded real wood look with the Largest Flames when burning. Our logs are Hand Crafted and Hand Painted. 
  • Safe to burn with no popping embers that can potentially cause fires. Gas Logs offer the safest burns with a controlled beautiful fire for hours of use and no clean up.
  • Cost of burning Gas Logs is 1/4 of what one would pay for burning real wood. Because Gas Logs serve as a decorative product the cost value is miles ahead of real wood. No ash clean up. No bundles of wood to constantly buy and stack. 
  • Gas Logs have the ability to evoke many different emotions and connections via the power of heat. Relaxing on a cool night with the family sharing those memories by an open fire brings connective value through fire and comfort. 
  • Gas Logs are environmentally friendly. Because Gas Logs are not real wood they are able to not give off the harmful soot that Real Wood will give off during the burn.