Collection: Wall Mounted Gas Lamps

 Wall Mounted Gas Lamps are a great addition to any Front Door area or Blank Walls that need some accent light. We offer a variety of design ideas and install packages that fit your needs. Our install professionals can guide you in picking the right size and design based on wants and design of home. Once lamps are chosen we can have our full service install team set them and get them burning the safe and qualified way. 

Things to Consider When Purchasing Wall Mounted Gas Lamps:

  • Where do you want the Gas Lamps to be placed?
  • Do you have Natural Gas Plumbed to your home and if so where is the supply located?
  • What Style is your home and how important is it to follow that design scheme?
  • What is you budget?

Answering these questions allows us deliver the best service and product for your home. 


Wall Mounted Gas Lamps

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