Vented Gas Logs Vs Non Vented Gas Logs

Vented Gas Logs Vs Non Vented Gas Logs

When people come into our Houston Area Showroom for Gas Logs the single most common questions I receive is "What is the difference between Non Vented and Vented Gas Logs and which is the better of the two". In the next few paragraphs I will explain the difference between the two. It is my hope that after you read the information that you are better informed to make the best purchase for your home. 

Vented Gas Logs -are designed specifically for Wood Burning Fireplaces that have an designated Flu and Damper for exhausting the combustion byproduct. When operated and installed properly, Vented Gas Logs will give your fireplace the most realism by burning very similarly to a real wood fire via Great Flame and Radian Heat Output. These sets are not as efficient and should not be expected to be a replacement for your Central Heating System. Most of the time our trained installers find that after about 15-30 Minutes of burning the customer starts to feel a great radiant heat through out the room. In conclusion Vented Gas Logs are a great accent for realism to any wood burning box and must be burned with the flu open in order to exhaust the Soot and Carbon that is given off by the logs. Though not as efficient as other options the Vented Gas Logs System remains our hottest Gas Log System to date. Check out our most popular logs by following the link below. 

Top Vented Gas Logs In Houston

Non Vented Gas Logs- are characterized by a few major features. They are to be installed in either a Wood Burning Box with a Closed Damper or a Vent Free Manufactured Pre Fabricated Firebox. Vent Free Gas Logs are noticeably not as realistic as Vented Gas Logs but are far more Efficient than it's counterpart and therefore will provide you with much better heat. They cannot be installed in certain scenarios where space is limited and must adhere to Municipal Codes. The City of Houston is an area that cannot have Vent Free Manufactured boxes installed. With that said our sales of Vent Free Logs are definitely always going to be far less. 

We hope that this helps to clear up some confusions about gas log sets and helps aid in your purchase. 

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