Safety with gas grills, logs, lights and outdoor kitchens is of utmost importance at Tru-Lite, Inc.

Tru-Lite wants all consumers to operate with caution any time where propane and fire are involved.  That's why with our Safety Tips, we aim to offer information that can be helpful for you and your family to enjoy the most out of our products.

Warnings: Liquid petroleum gas or propane used in gas grills is extremely flammable.  Fires and explosions may occur when consumers are refilling propane containers or reattaching containers.  An often overlooked cause to some fires or explosions is when consumers first use a grill that has been left idle for extended periods of time.

To reduce risks, please observe these tips:

  • Never grill indoors, garages, breesways or similar.
  • Grill at least 10 ft. away from your home, building.
  • Check the grill hoses fro any leaks or cracks.
  • Check all tubes that lead into the burner for any insects, food grease, or other items causing blockage.
  • Move gas hoses as far away from hot surfaces.
  • Keep lit cigarettes, matches or open flames from leaks.
  • Do not attempt to repair the tank valve your self.
  • Always see an LP gas dealer or qualified repairman for assistance.
  • Storage:  Always store upright.
  • Never store spare gas containers near grill.

Information provided by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Office of Information and Public Affairs, Washington, DC 20207, Release # 97-128