Get To Know Our Fearless Leader

Tru-Lite Gas is a highly recognized natural gas products corporation located in Houston, Texas. We pride ourselves in the delivery and service of our professional grade gas lights, logs, grills, and fireplaces. With a wide variety of product manufactures, we are able to meet all of your needs whether it's propane or natural gas. More importantly, we are most noted for the quality service and installation we provide our customers, from local builders to home-owners nation wide. At Tru-Lite Gas we stand by our products, our installation, and our continued service.

At Tru-Lite Gas we guarantee our Tru-Performance... always doing our very best to meet the needs of our customers.

We accomplish this by providing:

  • Highest Quality Products
  • Customized Light Installation
  • Professional Service of Gas Products
  • Electric to Gas Conversions
  • Virtual Installations
  • Special Builders Pricing
  • Restoration of Gas Lights and Grills
  • Custom Designed Outdoor Kitchens
  • Service to Our Competitors Products
  • Off Turn Key Projects